We’ve been working* with indie artists for years.

* Hanging, carrying stuff, supporting, storing, selling, laughing, drinking, crying, promoting, buying, imagining, networking, loving…

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Backstory to our _GALLERY

“When I used to sweat it out to local music at SaGuijo in the noughties, I was drawn to the work of artists such as Sarah Gaugler, and Elenor Giron, at the (now closed) Pocket Universe Art Collective and Sagilid artspace; that led to an art odyssey across the city from QC to the backstreets of Pasay. Some of the more established galleries lacked, in my opinion, the soul but had the location and some wealthy patrons, and some of the best spaces for indie artists had the soul but lacked the resources to keep running well.

So from 2011 I decided to always make a space for art, supporting indie artists, collaborating with new curators and small galleries. The idea was for our gallery to be an open space for all indie artists to exhibit, showcase, and share, without directly competing with the nurturing focus of amazing spaces like VOV and 98B.”

— MaMo, Founder

Exhibiting with us?

  • Our _GALLERY in Makati is an open-door space, meaning we don’t curate or select or evaluate artists based on their track record. We support artists who bring energy and game to their show.
  • We work with independent local artists, colleges, curators, and galleries for one-month long exhibits.
  • We prefer new work, but are open to repeat shows as long as the audience is growing too (e.g. opened in QC to a small group, now we’ll open in Makati to a wider group).
  • We’ll assign you a Producer to coordinate your show and help you get the most out of the opportunity; posters, people, ideas, roadies.
  • We’ll help you produce an awesome opening night. Prepare to share context of your work through a talk, and/or an interview.
  • We’ll help you produce a catalogue for your pieces, and we’ll charge a low % of any work bought during the exhibit.
  • We prefer work that can be hung but opening night can also include video, audio, and sculptures).
  • We’ll promote you and engage our community with your work as best we can.
  • We can sometimes find people to support your framing and transport costs. When you talk to us we’ll see if this is available for your show.
  • Our space is open 24/7 for coworking members, and usually 9-7 weekdays, plus many weekends. Drop-ins should message us first.

Get involved: Exhibit, talk, share, coach, teach.

Ready to pick a date for your own exhibit? Want to host workshops, contribute to a Talk, share techniques in a Clinic?