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Metro Manila + Cebu

The Cowork Club is what we call our dedicated desks.

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Your Dedicated Desk in our Club gives you 24/7 access to your own private workstation — your team’s coworking office desk, plus the membership to the facilities of whatever ASPACE you choose.

The Club is a shared workspace environment that helps you feel like a bigger team, and gives you other humans for the kind of soft support and community that makes your work day a positive one.

Fees are paid monthly in advance, and if you need longer term security we’ll match your commitment with our best value rates. If you need more flexibility – no deposits, no minimum term – our coworking space for rent will match you with exactly what you need with the most flexible deals at fair market rates.

As an ASPACE member you’ll also get access to all of our spaces, all of our connections, and all of our services – that’s a real, proven advantage. You’ll also get straight talking answers from an entrepreneurial team. Browse the rest of this page for more on our coworking space in Manila + Cebu, our features, and the people you should speak to next. We look forward to learning more about your ambitions and applying our strengths to your success.

⇣ What's included?

Each ASPACE includes standards such as fast internet, supportive staff, security, and free flowing liquids. The Club for Members with Dedicated Desk will also include fridges, liquids, and personal storage.

We can also handle any special requests that you might have – from a dedicated data connection to lunch deliveries, company formation to a VIP party pass, community connections to free meeting rooms.

Browse our locations for more on the specific features of each ASPACE, check out the services section for more on the ASPACE advantage – or simply get in touch for a chat. We’ve helped hundreds of smart teams reach their goals – and we’re ready for you.

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  • Serious
  • 500 +hourly
    • Private, pimped office
    • 24/7 access
    • Free liquids, fast data
    • Tech + Smiles Crew
    • Membership advantage
    • Manila + Cebu

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  • Casual
  • 500 +daily
    • Drop-in, connect
    • Daylight access
    • Free liquids, fast data
    • Tech + Smiles Crew
    • Invites + connections
    • Manila + Cebu

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  • Ballin'
  • 3000 +hourly
    • Space for specialists
    • Commercial kitchen
    • Art gallery
    • Trainers
    • Professionals
    • By appointment

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