We are all creative at A SPACE, and yet some of our members make it their entire mission – as graphic designers, industrial designers, interior designers, creative support services, UX or UI specialists, writers and publishers, design thinkers and planners. 


We’ve some creative teams expand rapidly from a few people to their own massive space; we’ve seen others establish their solo practice and collaborate with freelancers as needed; others we’ve seen pop in to talk at events or collaborate with our Membership.

In our experience...

This diverse community of Creatives all require the ability to focus and to access resources and talent when needed. They are often in demand by other community members, and we see some teams grow rapidly and other teams keep in small n' smart. They like our "no poaching" rules to keep recruitment fair, and they are the most visible contributors to our artistic events and experiences.

Most likely to...

1. Use the bean bags or Gravity Chairs, 2. Borrow the 3D printer, 3. Book out the Artisan Room, 4. Grow and shrink their team depending on current projects