Fast Growing Teams

Not everyone moves at the speed of light, although we do expect many of our members to outgrow us within a year or two. These fast growing teams are incubated until ready to hatch, at their own pace, and their own terms.


The smart move we see often is that fast growing teams put their resources on into growth rather than the trappings of a more mature business. They rely on us to handle their facilities, administration and daily VIP service, leaving them free to focus on their own business.


At some point we find ourselves handing over more and more responsibility to their team as they grow, often with a business administrator on one day, a human resources manager the next, a dedicated data connection this week, and finally, a request to help them find a huge new space of their own. Ah, we love them even when they leave (and welcome them back for events, answers to questions, connections, spillover space, and rockstar meetings).

In our experience...

Fast growing teams have a mission, a plan of action, and they want us to keep up with them - which we do. They need support on demand, and they need us to understand their goals so that we can have options and ideas ready for them just when they need them - so more internet, extra staff, a new space to grow into, an independent space to move out to.

Most likely to...

1. Value ur on-demand incubation services , 2. Have a strong vision for how to pimp their Private HQ, 3. Move HQs as they expand, 4. Leave us within a year or two but keep in touch for connections, spillover space and events