Founders + Business

Within our diverse, curated coworking community you’ll meet founders of business both large and small, established and nascent.


You’ll meet them at events, as residents, and as part of our community matchmaking. You’ll also meet teams who support founders, with everything from funding to recruitment services to business card design.


In our experience...

Businesses with a Founder still in driving seat are usually highly driven, lean teams. They have a specific focus and an emerging culture that will become important as they scale. They are the ones talking at events or hosting mixers. As Members, they often go straight for a Private HQ, and they need access to on-demand support services and recommendations for trusted suppliers. Their teams are happy to participate in social events, although Founders tend to be more interested in our speaking engagements and introductions to other community members who can support their mission. Of course, the bar is often popular for Founders and their teams, both as a way for team bonding and to celebrate milestones.

Most likely to...

1. Grow organically, 2. Take a Private HQ, 3. Enjoy our community matchmaking, 4. Demand incubation services when necessary