Freelancing is the new normal in some sectors. We even have a couple of big freelance platforms at A SPACE, so our knowledge is bang up-to-date. 


We have a few services that are perfect for our Freelance community – our Club (Dedicated Desks), our Labs (specialist), and our Lounge (flexible, Drop-in). We also work reguarly with freelancers on our own projects, and see many of them collaborate with other community members.

In our experience...

Freelancers tend to enjoy flexibility to come and go as they please. When they have long term contracts we see them occupy Dedicated Desks in our Club, when they are juggling we see them pop in and out of the Lounges or Labs. Some freelancers group together for projects and take over a project room for a while. Some even get the urge to grow into start-ups of their own.

Most likely to...

1. Stay small n' smart, 2. Network at events and in the break-out areas, 3. Collaborate with multiple teams, 4. Bulk-buy Lounge passes