Venture Capital & Angels

Being the biggest coworking community in the Philippines means that we also get quite a few people passing through looking for deals and connections, including Angels and VCs. 

It’s a reciprocal affair with start-ups learning from and gaining access to funding groups, and those same funding groups getting access to innovation and potential deals. We help in our way by hosting events and matchmaking.

In our experience...

VCs and funding groups love to host and attend events at A SPACE, especially those with speaker opportunities and pitching. A few of them also like to set-up shop to get consistent access to some of the mot ambitious start-ups, and provide valuable insight back into the community.

Most likely to...

1. Speak at an event and then disappear to the A SPACE bar, 2. Speak at an event and invite everyone back to the A SPACE bar, 3. Cowork at the A SPACE bar and talk to everyone whilst holding VOIP conversations at the same time