Remote Teams

We enjoy hosting smart remote teams who work as part of the same culture and same attitude as their coworkers overseas. We don’t accept applications from companies looking simply for a low-cost, less-regulated contract worker. 


Fortunately as the world shrinks, many smart companies are doing more with their businesses and budgets by establishing talented teams in the Philippines. The smartest of these companies locate with A SPACE and we support their attempts to re-create or develop a culture to retain and nurture the best staff.

In our experience...

Remote teams work non-local shifts and benefit from our 24/7 access. We notice that they value our many "experiences" from jogging groups to art events, coffee cup doodling sessions to team cook-outs in the kitchen. We also know that the overseas bosses and coworkers respect our fast internet for VOIP and video, our VPNs for security, and our concierge service when they are here on a visit.

Most likely to...

1. Work through the night, 2. Participate in social activities, 3. Ask for secure webcam connections between teams, 4. Have a Private HQ