Service Providers

We serve the innovation community, and in our own way that makes us a service provider to the non-corporate smaller, smarter teams. Many of our Members and most beloved members of the community are also in the business of serving others. 


From tech support to white-hat SEO, ethical recruitment to long-tail dev skills, you’ll find a long list of teams who are in the business of supporting the success of your business.

In our experience...

Our Members who are service providers respect our "no pitching" policy and are instead happy to share their knowledge through events and informal Q&As at the bar one night. They tend to grow organically and like private HQs in visible areas, plus meeting spaces to pitch external clients and host working sessions for their projects.

Most likely to...

1. Book the Rockstar meeting room, 2. Rely on our Experience Crew to direct guests and provide quick support, 3. Arrange team lunches in the Kitchen, 4. Be the community go-to consultant on their area of expertise