Social Enterprise

Unlike some coworking teams, we don’t focus exclusively on Social Enterprise, although we are passionate and supportive of enterprise that has both social impact and a soul. 


Our approach is primarily to open the doors to a diverse membership, all innovators, and then to supply people with the resources to do what they are already motivated to do. For some of our social enterprise members, that gives them more reach for their message, and a real-world (rather than converted) community within which to work.

In our experience...

Social enterprise is the future of enterprise, and by opening doors to the innovation community at-large we see social enterprise benefit from being non-niche and indicative of positive change for everyone. Be that access to fair-trade and ethically sourced snacks for your meeting, or socially responsible procurement for the coffee you drink every day, to smart support and access to funding for impact projects.

Most likely to...

1. Give a crap, 2. Influence others through our events and pop-ups, 3. Choose a branded space from which to work, 4. Interact with everyone