We see three distinct types of start-ups at A SPACE, from a diverse pick of the innovation community: funded foreign start-ups with teams expanding into Asia or the Philippines, experienced local founders building their first or second business, unfunded teams bootstrapping their way to an MVP. 


Many of them start in our shared Club with a dedicated desk or two, then grow and grow. Some arrive with fireworks and a game plan, demanding a private HQ pimped out with a crazycool colours scheme and spiffy slogans.


We don’t expect any of our most ambitious start-ups to stay in place for more than a year without needing a change in space. We help with that, even if it means moving you out into your indie location.

In our experience...

Start-ups need as much support as they can get - from help with a company formation, to legal contracts for new hires; from recruitment of key talent, to a launch event and press releases written, stat! They work long hours, appreciate the free-flow coffee, and love it when we matchmake within the community. Sometimes it's not what you know, it's who you know, right?

Most likely to...

1. Grow huge, fast, 2. Need recruitment and compliance support, 3. Desire a space that matches their ambitions and aspirations (HQ pimping helps), 4. Benefit from our experienced community of entrepreneurs