We are all happy geeks at A SPACE, and our Tech community here in Manila and Cebu is thriving. You’ll meet many of our talent tech players at hackathons and talks, mixers and workshops. 


Our _PALET space is focused on providing a launchpad for tech teams, and every A SPACE is built around the best tech we can afford, plus the right kind of support.

In our experience...

Tech talent underpins pretty much every business today, so we see some tech teams expand rapidly with a focus on MVPs or funding, and others focus on their own contracted projects and new app ideas. They tend to embrace our "no poaching" policy which ensures headhunters and other community members recruit fairly. Tech teams also tend to work extended hours and like our ergonomic chairs, fast data and knowledgable support team.

Most likely to...

1. Ask for a dedicated pipe with VPN and a separate SSID, 2. Participate in our hackathons, 3. Wear headphones even if they aren't playing music, 4. Start with a Club seat and grow to a Private HQ