The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country, composed of 7107 islands. The capital city of Manila is the most densely populated area in the country and for this reason has been referred to as one of the world’s megacities.

The top 5 tourist spots are:  

1) Rizal Park -The largest urban park in Asia, it features a memorial monument to Jose P. Rizal, who was a national hero during colonial times;

2) Intramuros – This historic walled section inside Manila contains many Spanish colonial buildings from 1590 when they occupied Manila

3) Baywalk –This pedestrian promenade offers views of Manila Bay

4) The National Museum – This museum has one of the largest collections in Southeast Asia and houses relics from prehistoric times up until now. It also showcases Philippine art and culture as well as international exhibits.   

5) Quiapo Church – One of three national churches in the Philippines, this church is worth visiting for its history and architecture alone but it also offers religious services on Sundays where you can hear beautiful hymns sung by Filipinos who love their faith with all their hearts.