Must-visit places in Metro Manila


Whether you are an environmentalist or historian or architectural designer, or travel enthusiast.

 Manila offers you value for time and money. You have unlimited options and places to visit to quench your curious thirst. Here are some of the must-visit places

Rizal park/ Luneta Park

The Philippines’ heroes’ remains are all hosted here with well-manicured lawns for that peaceful outdoor gardening experience.

Manila Ocean Park

That beach experience in the City is well articulated in the Manila Ocean Park, where you get to have a real-time experience with marine life.
The fish Spa, Rays, and Sharks’ interaction with the art facility’s quality state with bird watching experience make the stay fun and memorable.


This walled fortress is one of the oldest buildings from the Spanish colonialists to get the Spanish colonization history.
The three-mile-long stone wall acts as a district boundary.

National Museum of the Philippines

If you are an explorer and a lover of culture, then a visit to this museum will quench your thirst for historical information.

Fort Santiago

This is a historical site that allows you to experience the 15th century, the way of life, and some of the artifacts people used at that time.


Divisoria Market

Everything you may want to carry home as part of your shopping can be found in these stalls where vendors display their goods.
They range from beads, traditional dressing, spices, fruits, and clothes, including shoes. If you have bargaining power, then you will enjoy shopping in this market.

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