Global Entrepreneurship Community Roadshow (GECx) | ASEAN 50 + ASPACE Philippines

GECx, an exclusive gathering of changemakers + luminaries is happening at ASPACE Greenbelt on July 21, 2017, Friday!

In the lead up to the second Global Entrepreneurship Community conference, ASPACE is hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Community Roadshow (GECx) to keep our local startup community engaged and at the edge of their seats for what’s next. GECx is a collaboration between ASPACE + the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Center (MaGIC) to keep the community in the know about the different initiatives that continually engage + support the ASEAN startup ecosystem.

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Get the full scoop on much awaited regional initiatives such as: MaGIC ACE Program,10×10 Project by ASEAN, Colossus Inno2017 by GEM, and ASEAN Startup Awards by MyNEF. But we also have the lowdown on our local initiatives that cater to the community: Geeks on a Beach, RBL.ION, and the Rice Bowl Startup Awards.

As the country host for this year’s ASEAN50, ASPACE is honored to be part of this event that brings together industry experts + ecosystem players for discussions and talks on innovation for cross-border solutions, global community engagement and emerging trends within ASEAN.


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ASEAN Programs


Global Entrepreneurship Community 2017 (GECommunity 2017) brings together ecosystem influencers, startup communities and industry leaders from all over the world to collaborate and find new innovative approaches to solve real problems and chart the way forward for entrepreneurs. GECommunity is a global summit initiated by the government of Malaysia to empower entrepreneurs around the world with groundbreaking ideas and collaborations to solve cross-border challenges, uncover new possibilities and revolutionary ideas within the entrepreneurship.

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Colossus Inno2017

ColossusINNO2017 is GEM’s inaugural global entrepreneurship competition – it is where GEM and its global network of partners join forces to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to develop real-world innovative solutions to bridge the gaps in the ASEAN market and propel ASEAN nations closer towards first world status.

Through this global competition, GEM’s main focus is to recognize innovative solutions that help to address gaps in ASEAN in the areas of governance, poverty eradication, education, health, environment, sanitation, etc.


MaGIC Activate + 10 x 10 Project by ASEAN

The Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Center conceptualized MaGIC Activate to create an entry level mechanism to help corporations ease into the innovation community at large.

This online platform is designed to help corporations who want to create innovation challenges and reach out to startups . As it is a platform for corporations to find startups, the opposite is true as well. Startups can use MaGIC Activate to find corporate initiatives and apply.


ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards

The ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards (ARBSA), organised by New Entrepreneurs Foundation, celebrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the startup ecosystem.

The Awards reward excellence, best practices and innovation in startups across the region. It also recognizes the excitement, risk and hard-work involved in developing a startup and the influence each person has on driving the success of their company.

ARBSA is the official Southeast Asia circuit for the Global Startup Awards. The Awards is divided into several rounds – nationals, regional and global. The Regional ARBSA Winners will represent Southeast Asia at the Global Startup Awards finale in 2018.

The Rice Bowl is a showcase of Southeast Asia’s best.

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Local Programs

Geeks on a Beach

The International Summit on Technology, Startups and Design, also known as Geeks On A Beach (GOAB) is the leading international technology and business conference that highlights leaders and trends in tech industry and startups in the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region.

It gathers together tech-driven enterprises, innovators, investors and global speakers in a fun milieu to inspire game-changing solutions to the world’s small and big challenges.

Featuring presentations from hand-picked experts from all across the world, GOAB is the perfect place to come to and share learnings + stories with new friends in a two day get-together by the shores of splendid Palawan island in the Philippines.

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Manila’s biggest unconference is set for Year 2. If you create and innovate and have your own mind, you won’t want to miss this.

2 days of wild thinking; a gathering of those for whom ideas are currency, the global tribes of awesome who ensure that our innovative ecosystems thrive and flourish; the entrepreneurs, the labs, the inventors, the investors, the writers, the thinkers, the makers, the doers, the catalysts, the revolutionaries, the labelled, and the artists.

Using fresh formats + faces rarely seen on the “circuit”, we explore the necessity of rebellion for positive change courtesy of thinkers from technology, startups, media, design, planning, policy, arts + impact… plus lots of curve balls.

Stay tuned as we release more details for Year 2!


ASEAN Creative Cities

UNESCO created the Creative Cities Network (UCCN) to encourage global inter-city cooperation as a means to promote local creative industries. It aims to harness entrepreneurship and creativity, not only to sustain social development but also to drive economic value. The UCCN celebrates a city’s commitment to creativity in 7 fields: Crafts & Folk Art / Design / Film / Gastronomy / Literature / Music / Media Arts.

The Philippines doesn’t have a Creative City yet but DTI is en route to change that. The ASEAN Creative Cities Forum and Exhibition (ACCFE) last 24-27 April 2017 at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Through ACCFE, the country hoped to present the untapped economic and social potentials of its creative industry for sustainable development in the region.

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Our Speakers

It’s all happening in GECx and several of our colleagues are flying in for this momentous event. Joining us from Malaysia are:

YBhg. Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah –  Chairman of GECommunity + the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia
Ashran Dato’ Ghazi – Chief Executive Officer, MaGIC
Ehon Chan – Executive Director, ASEAN Centre of Entrepreneurship (ACE)
Chin Xiao Yao – Senior Manager, Ventures
Low Ngai Yuen – Managing Director, Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM)
Rubi Dahlan –  Project Director, ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Award

Plus, local key players who are making their own waves in the community:

Diego Ramos – Founder + CEO,
Atty. Kristine Alcantara– Policy Consultant and Program Director, Startup Ecosystem Development Program, Department of Trade and Industry
Rhea Matute – Deputy Executive Director, Design Center of the Philippines (DCP)
Micah Asistores – Community Lead, ASPACE Philippines

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