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you to share ideas + ideals with us at Manila’s biggest unconference, RBL.ION

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RBL.ION.MNL + ASEAN Startup Awards

28 – 29 October 2016 at the gorgeous _HALL1 venue, Manila Bay

Manila hosts the ASEAN STARTUP AWARDS + RBL.ION for 2016

The ASEAN Startup Awards celebrates the best startups in the region, from over 2,000 participants across 10 countries. If you are lucky enough to be a finalist or have yourself the golden ticket, we’ll see you for the gala awards night at RBL.ION on October 28th, 2016.

Expect 2 days of wild thinking at the RBL.ION unconference – a gathering of the innovation tribes who are ensuring that startup ecosystems thrive and flourish; the entrepreneurs, the labs, the inventors, the investors, the schools and the artists… morning to night, Oct 28-29th, 2016.


Our invitation is worth your time.

We want to hear from the rebels not usually on the speaking circuit. People with wild thinking, influential ideas, or hard fought successes to showcase.

It’s an event, a gathering, where those with nothing to sell but a lot to share can participate. We have different formats to help those uncomfortable with straight podium talks, and we have complimentary Shapers to help make a one-person talk into a smart discussion. Live on stages, one-to-few in relaxed lounges, live streams from anywhere to Manila.

All you need is the thinking – we’ll help with the rest.

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CAMBODIA – Startup of the Year

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Cambodia_Startup-web600.jpg” title=”CAMBODIA – Startup of the Year | ASEAN Startup Award”]

THAILAND – Startup of the Year

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Thailand_Startup-web600.jpg” title=”THAILAND – Startup of the Year | ASEAN Startup Award”]

SINGAPORE – Startup of the Year

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Singapore_Startup-web600.jpg” title=”SINGAPORE – Startup of the Year | ASEAN Startup Award”]

Sky Eye

PHILIPPINES – Startup of the Year

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Philippines_Startup-web600.jpg” title=”PHILIPPINES – Startup of the Year | ASEAN Startup Award”]

MYANMAR – Startup of the Year

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Myanmar_Startup-web600.jpg” title=”MYANMAR – Startup of the Year | ASEAN Startup Award”]

MALAYSIA – Startup of the Year

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Malaysia_ARBSA_Malaysia_Startup-web600.jpg” ]

INDONESIA – Startup of the Year

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Indonesia_Startup-web600-1.jpg”]

VIETNAM – Startup of the Year

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Vietnam_Startup-web600.jpg”]

MALAYSIA – Best Disruptor / Gamechanger

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Malaysia_ARBSA_Malaysia_Best-Disruptor-web600.jpg” ]

VIETNAM – Best Disruptor / Gamechanger

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Vietnam_Best-Disruptor-web600.jpg”]

INDONESIA- Best Disruptor / Gamechanger

PHILIPPINES – Best Disruptor / Gamechanger

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Philippines_Best-Disruptor-web600.jpg”]

SINGAPORE – Best Disruptor / Gamechanger

[addtoany url=”http://aspacemanila.com/wp-content/uploads/ARBSA-Badges_Singapore_Best-Disruptor-web600.jpg”]

THAILAND – Best Disruptor / Gamechanger

CAMBODIA – Best Newcomer

INDONESIA – Best Newcomer

MALAYSIA – Best Newcomer

MYANMAR – Best Newcomer

PHILIPPINES – Best Newcomer

SINGAPORE – Best Newcomer

THAILAND- Best Newcomer

VIETNAM – Best Newcomer

INDONESIA – Best Professional Investor

MALAYSIA – Best Professional Investor

PHILIPPINES – Best Professional Investor

SINGAPORE – Best Professional Investor

THAILAND – Best Professional Investor

INDONESIA – Founder of the Year

MALAYSIA – Founder of the Year

MYANMAR – Founder of the Year

PHILIPPINES – Founder of the Year

SINGAPORE – Founder of the Year

THAILAND – Founder of the Year

VIETNAM – Founder of the Year

PHILIPPINES – Developer of the Year

INDONESIA – Developer of the Year

MALAYSIA – Developer of the Year

MYANMAR – Developer of the Year

SINGAPORE – Developer of the Year

THAILAND – Developer of the Year

VIETNAM – Developer of the Year

INDONESIA – Best Social Media Influencer

MALAYSIA – Best Social Influencer

PHILIPPINES – Best Social Influencer

SINGAPORE – Best Social Influencer

THAILAND – Best Social Influencer

MYANMAR – Startup Journalist of the Year

MALAYSIA, Freda Liu – Startup Journalist of the Year

[addtoany url=”/wp-content/uploads/startup-journalist-of-the-year-malaysia.jpg” title=”MALAYSIA, Freda Liu | ASEAN Startup Award – Startup of the Year”]

SINGAPORE – Startup Journalist of the Year

PHILIPPINES, Oliver Segovia – Startup Journalist of the Year

[addtoany url=”/wp-content/uploads/startup-journalist-of-the-year-philippines.jpg” title=”PHILIPPINES, Oliver Segovia | ASEAN Startup Award – Startup of the Year”]

VIETNAM, Ngoc Nguyen – Startup Journalist of the Year

[addtoany url=”/wp-content/uploads/startup-journalist-of-the-year-vietnam.jpg” title=”VIETNAM, Ngoc Nguyen | ASEAN Startup Award – Startup of the Year”]

INDONESIA, Nadine Freischald – Startup Journalist of the Year

[addtoany url=”/wp-content/uploads/startup-journalist-of-the-year-indonesia.jpg” title=”INDONESIA, Nadine Freischald | ASEAN Startup Award – Startup of the Year”]

THAILAND, Oranuch (mimee) Lerdsuwankij – Startup Journalist of the Year

[addtoany url=”/wp-content/uploads/startup-journalist-of-the-year-thailand.jpg” title=”THAILAND, Oranuch (mimee) Lerdsuwankij | ASEAN Startup Award – Startup of the Year”]

MALAYSIA – Campaign of the Year

INDONESIA – Campaign of the Year

MYANMAR – Campaign of the Year

PHILIPPINES – Campaign of the Year

SINGAPORE – Campaign of the Year

THAILAND – Campaign of the Year

CAMBODIA – Social Enterprise of the Year

INDONESIA – Best Social Enterprise of the Year

MALAYSIA – Best Social Enterprise of the Year

PHILIPPINES – Best Social Enterprise of the Year

THAILAND – Best Social Enterprise of the Year

VIETNAM – Best Social Enterprise of the Year

THAILAND – Startup Enabler of the Year

INDONESIA – Startup Enabler of the Year

MALAYSIA – Startup Enabler of the Year

PHILIPPINES – Startup Enabler of the Year

SINGAPORE – Startup Enabler of the Year