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It’s the first ever Rice Bowl Startup Awards in the Philippines.

Winners will represent the Philippines at the ASEAN Regional Finals (in Manila), followed by the Global Startup Awards finale to be held in Kuala Lumpur. Go‪#‎StartupPh‬!

The finalists are announced in July, and the winners will be posted after on Facebook after the Awards on July 15th 2016 at A SPACE Greenbelt in Makati.

Philippine Rice Bowl Startup awards is part of a worldwide network called Global Startup Awards which connects startup ecosystems nationally, regionally and globally. More details here ( + (

The Philippine Rice Bowl Startup Awards is produced and hosted by A SPACE, the Philippines’ leading nextgen workspace + collaboration project. More details here: (

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With the popping of corks we’ll recognize the Founder of the Year, Startup of the Year, Best Journalist and 8 other awards. Four finalists per category, one winner announced on the night. Everyone in one place, unmissable.

We have a limited supply of tickets available online or through our team directly (+63) 905 259 9017; presence for relevant brands is available through our screens (no tarpaulins!), people, and physical locations. Tickets get you access, food + drink, introductions, exposure, content for your own online presence, and first-in-line fun!

Dress is smart casual or Geek chic or Ballin’. Bring nothing but smiles – food, drinks, prizes + fun are on us. You’ll need a ticket or an invite – click here.

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Katalyst PH

Joe Maristela

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]

Businessman and philanthropist; startup junkie. draws on the talent of the most awesomest of awesome people from all over the world; it’s founding team members include alumni from Google, Facebook, Stanford University, etc.

IMJ Partners

Morgan Miyazaki

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]
Former CFO at IMJ. IMJ Investment Partners provides support to its portfolio companies in diverse business functions, with expertise from business planning to execution and from fundraising to exit strategy. The goal is not “Investing startups” but “growing up with startups”.

Hatch'd Digital

Marilen Tantamco

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]
Two visionaries who creatively connect the dots. Hatchd Digital is a tech incubator whose mission is to ideate, incubate, accelerate and monetize business ideas, such as: PawnHero, Zipmatch, Ayannah, Purpleclick Philippines,, and AVA.PH.

Kickstart Ventures

Pia Bernal

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]
Kickstart Ventures directly watches out for the interests of the founders. Its top investments are: Life Track, Loan Solutions, DialPad / Uberconf.


Jen Horn

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]
Nomad manager, advocate, writer, community-builder. MUNI empowers creatives & entrepreneurs to live and work more mindfully. They also organize MUNI Meetups to spark conversation and create connections and MUNI Markets to showcase healthy, local, and eco-friendly products and service.

Vince Golangco

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]
Top blogger in the Philippines. is a community of hundreds of writers, photographers, videographers, storytellers and adventure seekers. is the biggest blog / online magazine in the Philippines, garnering over 10 million impressions per day.

Sky Gavin

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″] is the #1 Emerging Influential Blo, “Ultimate Food Blogger” by Unilever / Sooo Pinoy organization, Best Photo Blog and Microblog in the Philippines at the Globe Tatt Awards, Rotary’s 10 Tourism Awardees, and Bloggy’s Award for best Lifestyle Blog


Maria Ressa

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]

A journalist for 30 years and now heads Rappler, one of the Philippines’ top media and technology start-ups. Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. Rappler comes from the root words “rap” (to discuss) + “ripple” (to make waves).

Tweetup Manila

Rosario Juan

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]

An entrepreneur and social media strategist. She wakes up for #PhilippineCoffee and stays up for social media. TweetUpMNL is a community of netizens who are united by their passion for social media for social good and community-building.

Harvard Business Review

Oliver Segovia

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]

CEO, AVA Online Group. Wrote “How the Philippines became Tech Start Ups’ new source” (05 August, 2015) and “Who is the best President for Philippine Startups” (April 2016).


Chris Schnabel

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]
Contributor to the Business Section of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Wrote “AIM, Dado Banatao team up for new startup incubator“ (07 June, 2016) and “Startup promises to make BPO life a game“ (30 May, 2016).


Beverly Tan

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]

Senior Marketing Executive and Contributor of e27. Wrote “You need to Run your game studio like a Start Up” (04 January 2016) and “Top 27 females who elevated Asia’s tech ecosystem” (08 March 2016).

Ezra Ferraz

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]
Recently returned from overseas, I’m enjoying watching the country grasp its potential. Wrote “What does a Startup Founder in the Philippines…” (April, 2016) and “Mentoring the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs” (09 July, 2015).


Ralph Chua

[addtoany url=”” title=”Ricebowl Startup Award 2016″]
CEO & Hardware Engineer, Croo and iOS Developer, Voyager. We make you wear your safety. Croo is a wearable panic button. With a simple gesture, let your loved ones know your exact location during an emergency.

Wifi Interactive Network / WIN

Jasen Ko

[addtoany url=”” title=”Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
An experienced entrepreneur focused on connecting the unconnected. By providing connectivity to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), merchants are able to increase sales by offering Free internet access to its customer base in exchange for purchasing featured brands.

Wifi Interactive Network / WIN

Philip Zulueta

[addtoany url=”” title=”Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]Sponsored WiFi that delivers digital marketing ROI. WIN is solving a real-world, huge problem which is making affordable internet access available in developing countries. While DSL is generally the medium for connectivity, WIN makes use of a disruptive high-speed broadband wireless frequency where DSL is not available.


Em Bueta

[addtoany url=”” title=”Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
OneWatt is the smart power alternative. Founders have collective background in engineering, IT, sales. OneWatt introduces a smart battery system that can save you up to 40% in your electricity bills, eliminate gasoline chugging generators, and create preference for cleaner and greener power generators.


Ruel Amparo

[addtoany url=”” title=”Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]

CEO of Cropital and an active social advocate who have championed poverty alleviation projects. Cropital is a crowdfunding platform that connects anyone to help finance farmers. Cropital has created an avenue where anyone can be an agricultural investor.


Jason Torres

[addtoany url=”” title=”Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Co-Founder of ProudCloud. Service company helping you build your products and team with about 30+ Ruby on Rails engineersJason Torres contributed to the products:,, — and launches products internationally.

Paolo Samontanez

[addtoany url=”” title=”Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Considered more an enabler than developer. Using his default stack Python + Node + Mongo, Paolo Samonte, contributes to the development of PresyonPanalo, OneWatt, and WiSense. He also conducts free training in Python programming and MongoDB.

Rachel De Villa

[addtoany url=”” title=”Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]

Multi-awarded platform engineer and CTO of Cropital. She specializes full-stack web applications and web design. Having the right skills (technical and non-technical), this creative genius contributes to Cropital + and the Takatak marketplace.


Tim Duhaylungsod Jr

[addtoany url=”” title=”Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]

iOS Development Specialist. Lifebit + CityLifebit supports developer focused events such as Startup Weekend, Angelhack, Devcon, and more by being resource speakers, judges, mentors, and sponsors.

Satoshi Citadel

John Bailon

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Chief Belief Officer, Storytelling Through Code, and Leader. Satoshi Citadel Industries ( Inc.) builds the ecosystem for Bitcoin in the Philippines. Campaigns are on education of Bitcoin and positive results from customer service. SCI believes that content is king, leveraging on SMC content + organic connections.


JB Tan

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Volunteer. Traveler. Project Manager. Every Filipino A Hero. iVolunteer is Philippine’s first volunteer portal built to spread volunteerism. “Go Volunteer!” campaign has reached 20,000 attendees on — 230,000 reached via social media and 6 million via mobile partner. 28 NGOs participated in the campaign and earned 1000 new sign ups.


Chow Paredes

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
ZipMatch Founder, a game-changer in PH real estate. ZipMatch is an online real estate matchmaker making the home buying  easier and more efficient. Through “Think Like a Pro” campaign, Zipmatch experienced 26% growth in paid subscriptions, growth from 11% to 50% professional users, and 385% growth purchase with virtual subscriptions.


Paulo Campos III

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University with an MBA from Harvard Business School. ZALORA is Asia’s online fashion destination and philippines’ #1 fashion e-commerce site.. 7x spike from average/daily users was achieved via the “12/12 Online Fever Campaign”, where almost all brands participated and gave the juiciest deals available.


Zhihan Lee

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
BagoSphere gets rural and urban talents into jobs with job preparation bootcamps. They offer programs teaching graduates relevant communication and IT skills in an authentic work setting. They fully support marginalized youth from training to recruitment to employment, employing 8 out of 10 students within 6 months, and directly served 650 students in Western Visayas.

The Spark Project

Patch Dulay

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Startup enabler who uses innovation and design for good. The Spark Project is a Filipino crowdfunding community that showcases local talent, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Promoting proud Filipino brand, it has sparked over 3.3M pesos for 32 awesome ideas since 2013 from 1000+ backers. More than 65% of projects are socially mindful businesses, bringing back the pride of “Made in the Philippines”.


Henry Motte Munoz

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
A Fil-French education advocate empowering students with educational opportunities. tackles one of the toughest statistics in the Philippines, the 30%+ youth un- and under-employment. They have significant media coverage, with appearances in Bloomberg TV, CNN, ABS-CBN plus a comprehensive selection of full and partial scholarships in the country.

Manila Workshops

Janice Sabitsana

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Creates interactive learning events that promotes love for continuous learning. Continuously creating workshops in these different areas: creativity, entrepreneurship/business, and personal development. Have ran around 200 intimate workshops from January 2013


Manny Ayala

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Entrepreneur who wants to help other entrepreneurs be better at business and at giving back. Endeavor connects entrepreneurs to mentors having donated over 100 hours so far in the areas of market development, capital and talent. They speak at various ecosystem events like: Slingshot Manila (2015, 2016), AyalaHealth symposium, Silicon Valley 101 event by Endeavor, ADB event on startups.


Diane Eustaquio

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Chairman of IdeaSpace and an advocate of inclusive opportunities for technopreneurship. IdeaSpace accelerates technology startups to build local and scale global. They have a startup accelerator program offering PHP1 million cash and soft support to 10 startups each year, equity-free. They runs startup workshops to propagate the startup opportunity.

SkyEye Inc

Matthew Cua

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Creating strong fundamental social impact through technology. Sky Eye Inc is Precise Property Valuation through Visualization : Faster & Better Surveying. They are the country’s pioneer in digital Property Survey.

Time Free Innovations

Chino Atilano

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of TimeFree. An enterprise virtual queuing management application provider. Chosen as one of the startups to take part in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and GES+ in Stanford University, hosted by US President Barack Obama with over over PHP 4M YTD revenue and On track to hit 800% YoY revenue growth.

Pawn Hero

David Margendoff

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
David Margendoff helped thousands of Filipinos to get a loan at half of the interest, they would have otherwise paid at a traditional pawnshop 90% rate. PawnHero is the 1st online pawnshop in Southeast Asia, will solve this problem of expensive credit and interest rates. They process PHP 7,572 in loan applications (or USD 160) every minute since launch on February 25th, 2015.


Mario Berta

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Extremely driven entrepreneur and FlySpaces’ Chief Energiser Officer. Southeast Asia’s leading short-term workspace booking engine. Flyspaces provides short-term work and meeting space solutions to entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and mobile professionals. They we have a network of hundreds of spaces to discover across key South East Asia.

Altitude Games

Gabby Dizon

[addtoany url=”” title=“Rice Bowl Startup Award 2016″]
Altitude Games CEO and Philippine game industry pioneer. Altitude Games is a mobile game studio focusing on original free-to-play games. Their studio composed of veterans of the Southeast Asian game industry. They are focused on original mobile free-to-play games and are currently working on their first game, Run Run Super V.
MaMo, Founder at A SPACE

A SPACE Philippines

Matthew Morrison

Founder, CEO, Innovator. A SPACE is the leading coworking project in the Philippines. It is more than just an office, it is a diverse community of shapers, doers,and rebels.Consisting of three (3) functional spaces in Metro Manila: A SPACE Greenbelt, _STUDIO Fort, _PALET Makati, and one (1) in Cebu.


Ranjeetha Menon

Head of marketing. Ranjeetha is a brand specialist, with over 20 years of multi-country brand management experience. Passionate about strategy and design thinking, she has steered brands to leadership status. Armed with her knowledge of the intricacies of marketing and communication, Ranjeetha is determined to help make Troo the premier bancassurance company in the Philippines


Michael de Vreugd

Seasoned in change management, Michael de Vreugd has helped establish a retail bank, a reinsurance company, and the worldwide implementation of the risk and solvency framework of Ageas. He loves being in multicultural environments, and is quick to learn the local language. Michael is fluent in Dutch, English, and French; knows Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Hellenic; and pretty soon, Filipino.

Manila Recruitment

Matthew Pontoles

Manila Recruitment is an independent team simplifying the recruitment process in Manila’s dynamic job market, making it more affordable and as predictable as possible, as risk free as possible.

Manila Recruitment

Pat Dimayuga

Manila Recruitment is recognized as the leading recruitment firm in the Philippines for headhunting, executive search, expert, technical and IT recruitment.

Manila Recruitment

Ron Cullimore

We share an unrivalled passion to help businesses succeed by understanding their goals, then sourcing and providing them with their number one asset – driven, dedicated and exceptional people!

TALAS Data Intelligence

Alvin Gendrano

We are a dynamic team of technologists, data scientists and business strategists, with world-class skills and wide global exposure. We are a diverse mix of local and global Filipino talent with top academic training and proven technology experience.

Gree Ventures

Nikhil Kapur

Investment Manager. Covers investments across Southeast Asia and India. He completed his MBA in Finance, at the National University of Singapore after receiving the NUS MBA Academic Excellence Award. Prior to business school, he founded a successful and profitable marketplace in the media-tech industry in India, scaling it to multiple countries. He developed the first version of Office Excel for mobile platforms while working at Microsoft.

McCann Worldgroup Philippines

Nina Terol

1000 Angels

Nicole Paterno

Rice Bowl Startup Awards

Sathyvelu Kunashegaran

Rice Bowl Startup Awards

John Tong


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