Buidling A SPACE Cebu

A SPACE Cebu is coworking

Well at least the carpenters and plasterers, electricians and engineers are banging away, co-working through our architectural plans (and hanging laundry as they go – see photos). We’re all pretty excited about what’s coming soon for Cebu City once they finish – a brand new, two-storey, coworking hub with connections, character, style, a screening room, more events than I can easily remember off-hand, plus blazing fast internet

I’ve wanted to open a coworking space in Cebu for ever it seems – weirdly, I became tuned into the potential of Cebu not through a business connection, but via a deep, Red Horse fueled conversation with bearded musician Franco, and the charm of Urbandub‘s Gabby (and then-manager, Alex) – all Cebuanos, and all fiercely proud of their creatively-charged city.

Following a superb Geeks on a Beach experience at Movenpick in Cebu in 2014, organised by the over-achieving Tina Amper of TechTalks, I was sold – we didn’t stay at the Movenpick, but camped out instead at the ever-so-cool Henry Hotel (the owner later would use A SPACE Greenbelt for their own activity). I got to meet up with Ravi and team at the Tides coworking spot, and we talked openly about the potential for collaboration or good old fashioned competition – although honestly, with coworking being such a new power for enterprise and impact, Cebu City can certainly handle more than two great spaces. It deserves more.

As we don’t do franchises or template space design at A SPACE, the whole Cebu adventure is a new chance to be inspired – we’ve been meeting artists, and designers, talking to tech talent and local enterprise evangelists. We’ve also eaten quite a bit of Lechon and taken our time pondering the universe at the Tops (the high point of Cebu City where “city lights shine bright like diamonds”). The result is soon to be revealed – right now we are building our super new coworking hub at Crossroads in Cebu City (opposite Cebu IT Park). Our neighbours includes the incredible Holicow furniture collective, the delightful Qube gallery, and the delicious Abaca Bakery.

Rest assured, we’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks – it won’t be long now, Cebu.

– MaMo (Founder)