A one-on-one interview with AngelHack Manila 2015 Winner, Vince Elizaga at the newest addition to the A SPACE universe – A SPACE Cebu. Sharing his experience with AngelHack Manila and what pushed him to join the weekend Hackathon for the first time.


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Meet Vince. He is a Full Stack Javascript Developer in Cebu; He’s into building software, hardware and cloud computing integration projects. He and his team took home the award for creating the JuiceBox project from last year’s AngelHack Manila.

      Tell us about yourself. What do you do?  Any hobbies and interests you would like to share?   

  • “Well, I work in Touch Fire. It’s Japanese company based in Ayala… I like dogs and I hate traveling haha but i play alot of longboard and skateboard. Right now, I’m into developing solutions for architectural design on how to make efficient backend service for connected things. As well as artificial intelligence algorithm.”

      Why did you join AngelHack Manila? 

  • “I was invited by my sister who’s into tech. She told me about the idea of a ‘weekend hackathon’ and I thought it was cool. It’s something I want to personally support.” 

      What made you say yes?

  • “I wanted to learn things that I don’t really tackle in a full time job. And because I know my team is very talented. We could learn alot from each other – from our different specialties.” 

       How was your experience? Any challenges that you have encountered along the way?

  • “Oh, it was very exhausting but fun – we didn’t sleep around 24 hours. And I guess the biggest challenges that I have encountered were, I think… 1. getting our project to actually work the next day and presenting it properly, 2. being pushed to your limit.”


9 27AM Profile Template


       Let’s get more technical. How was your research process? Did you have to learn anything new – Any                        programs, apps, locations etc.?

  • “Well, everything that we used and applied in the hackathon was just really our existing skills. We didn’t really try anything new, because we think it’s not a really good strategy to do during the event and researching will take up our time.”

        So, what kind of research did you do?

  • “We did different kinds of research before the event. I looked up on ‘tips for hackathon for hardware and software’,  researched on components to be used and the different standard use in the food industry. For my other team members, they researched on profiles of the possible users/buyers of our JuiceBox project… like if you’re diabetic etc., whats good for you and what not. Knowing your potential audience is key.”

        How was the environment like? Did the energy of the event pressure or excite you?

  • “I think It’s exciting! It was intense and that’s the way we like it cause there’s not much in Cebu! Honestly, it was more exciting than other hackathons.”

        For the future participants of hackathons, what are your recommendations/tips?

  • “For me, the most important thing to keep in mind is team work. Focus on what you do best, deliver and align. Try to focus on a minimal variable product as a goal, then explain your future plans. During the AngelHack Manila 2015, they gave us Amazon web services and different accounts… I say take advantage of them – They really make your work easier.  And I guess, if you really believe in your product, nothing can stop you. Lastly, you’ll never know the potential of any idea until you actually do it.” 

…and we could not agree more. Be the next Vince. Don’t be afraid to take the challenge.