Our coworkers were in an artsy mode on a hump day for the first A SPACE Doodle Your Mug event last July 1!

The rainy Wednesday evening became the perfect time for our coworkers to stay a little later than work hours at the office to do a little doodlin’! Yep, we gave everyone their own A SPACE mugs, a lot of colorful pens, and voila! a DOODLE PARTY at the Greenbelt _Gallery!

It was a revelation for all that a lot of our coworkers have a knack for creating amazing doodles! From their favorite anime characters, to colorful calligraphy bearing inspiring messages, to their own team logos — each design displays a little about their personalities.

We gave our everyone an option to doodle on their own mug or have an artist to work on their designs for them for only P40!

Watercolorists Mel Lara (@onemelofanartist) helping out one of coworkers on her doodle design. Doodle Artist Niro Donato (@designiro) also helped out in personalizing our mugs! Our very own EVENTS_JEDI Coco Torre shared his mad skills and doodled on some mugs!

Here are a few photos by Yani Hornilla (@yanihornilla) from the very successful DOODLE PARTY!

More photos will be posted on our Facebook page and on our Instagram!