All About May

It’s been one heck of a May but it’s nothing we can’t handle! Please excuse our pun game, but it really has been a MaYAY kind of month. We had a slew of events that centered on making connections, be it interpersonal or intrapersonal, and honed in on self-love and self-improvement.

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May 10, HackerNest

Of course, we can always rely on you Techies for giving us a great night, even without a set program! Our summer started with high-quality + genuine conversations care of you guys. We never ran out of smiles, introductions, and an all-around exchange of interesting ideas that could potentially revolutionize the tech world that night.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this month’s HackerNest! Until the next one!

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May 18, Financial Freedom

We started our march to financial freedom with Bubbles Bermudez, life coach + woman extraordinaire, last May 18! In this workshop, we took a good hard look at how we were managing our lives and acknowledged the gaps in our future expectations, with optimism and action plans guiding us later on. Bubbles imparted with us the importance of having the abundance mentality and how “limiting beliefs around money hinder us from attracting abundance and for money to flow in freely.”

When we take ownership of the abundance mentality, that’s when we turn the tables and start to take control of our finances and not the other way around.


May 25, Thaumaturgy

Art is universal. Art is for all. But art more importantly, is also for the self. In _EXHIBIT: Thaumaturgy, Miqo Dionision + Guada Tagalog showed how they find healing and release through their work and creations. Art enthusiasts gathered last May 25 to revel in the young artists’ personal exhibit, taking part in their journey of Thaumaturgy. Each work painstakingly reveals the artists’ inner spirit and light, a light that they shared to anyone who was open to it.

This exhibit will run through until June 23, so drop by if you’re looking for an escape.


May 27, Human Portraiture

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that’s what everyone says. Never has it been more true in _WORKSHOP: Human Portraiture with Rita Marie. With this intimate, back-to-basics, session with the seasoned photographer, she took us through essential techniques for aspiring photographers in capturing the innate beauty of your subject. She shared her own stories on gaining confidence with her artistry, pushing us to gain confidence in our own creativity.


May 31, Startup Grind
For Women Founders Month, Neva Talladen of Swoop + Angeline Viray of Beep a Ride sat down with us to share their story of how they got started in the Startup business. It wasn’t an easy path for these two women, and there were many failures to be had in between, but they persisted. Entrepreneurs at heart, it took a lot of steps and detours to get to where they are now but those experiences only lent to the confidence that they have now as Founders.

For them, it’s all about staying hungry. Act as if you’re still a small business, but never small-minded. Be your own worst critic and do your work. It’s not going to happen immediately but if you stay hungry and flexible, it’s only a matter of when.