Meet our Founder and CEO, Matt Morrison! (not the one from Glee)


Matt Morrison is the big guy behind the A SPACE adventure, Manila’s cowork central for the innovation community, a global tribe of awesome.  A former digital nomad (20 countries and counting), Matt traded a successful career in London’s media industry (working for innovators such as the BBC and Grey Advertising), to pursue intellectual independence as a non-corporate business backer and advocate for ethical, value creating start-ups.


This lead him to the Philippines where his ambition to develop the world’s first non-profit luxury eco-resort on a private island in Palawan failed spectacularly following the global financial crisis of 2008, leaving him with arguably the world’s most beautiful campsite. A self-labelled “Foreignoy”, Matt fell for the Philippines’ optimism and re-located permanently from a Europe in recession to a resurgent Asia, and has since become the instigator and supporter of a variety of ventures in the Philippines’ increasingly dynamic start-up scene.

A SPACE was imagined by Matt as “a space” where like minds would enjoy coming to work together, a space with different areas to focus, think, reflect, socialise, relax and dream, a space where start-ups can compete with the corporations, and teams can be ambitious, aspirational and inspired. A space that wasn’t Regus, wasn’t Starbucks, and wasn’t an imported concept without a soul.