Taste-off with Commune, TonG, Steep Coffee + Yardstick

Coffee is one of our favorite fuels in the space, which is why hold regular Coffee Taste-Offs.


For this month’s first Spacer Episode at PALET Makati, we invited local roasters to the _LAUNCHPAD to show off their coffee: Commune, TonG, Steep Coffee Bags and Yardstick, and let our spacers vote for their favorite blends!


We want to give our community the chance to curate their coffee experience by providing artisanal coffee of their choice.


It’s not just about the liquids though – we love supporting independent local brands with great quality through our purchasing. We got to meet 4 amazing coffee brands that continue to strive and promote local products.

Yardstick Coffee


Steep Coffee Bags


Commune Coffee


TonG Coffee

It was an awesome experience for our Palet Makati Members. Everyone was feeling hyper (yep) and all fueled up for the day.
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