A SPACE Turf Guide: Your Neighborhood Guide To #UpperLegaspi

Know the interesting places sorrounding A SPACE Manila with our turf guide!


Inspired by a conversation with SMART Development Evangelist Paul Pajo some months ago about the fictional but fun “Upper Legaspi” area, the A SPACE Turf Guide was initiated by our Founder and CEO Matt Morrison and backed by the clever coworkers at A SPACE. “Upper Legaspi” is the area that surrounds the northern part of Legaspi Village in Makati, particularly the spots near Greenbelt and A SPACE Manila.

Are you looking for a place to dine? Where the best art galleries are? Or simply a place to unwind after a long day from work? The turf guide’s aim is to not guide you to every place in the neighbourhood but just to share some of the most indie-minded and progressive spots that we like to visit throughout the working week. The turf guide also include hotlines that might come in handy in case of emergency.


You can get your hands on the A SPACE Turf Guide here at the space, or from the places that we’ve put our seal of ‘COOL’ like Charlie’s Grill and Grind, Local Edition Cafe, Mom & Tina’s, Tutto Domani, and Plaza Cafe to name a few.

Charlie’s Grind and Grill crew checkin’ out the A SPACE Turf Guide

Do you have other interesting spots you think should be included on our turf guide? Leave us a message on our Facebook page, or tag us on Twitter and Instagram (@aspacemanila) and use the hashtag #upperlegaspi!