#ASPACEFORUS: How Playful Can Your Desk Get?

Desk essentials + stories behind these spaces!

As promised, we scoured the different corners of A SPACE to share with you a few of the most interesting desks our coworkers have. The first story we’ll feature for this edition of #aspaceforus is from one of the most innovative groups we have at the space.

Trinkets and Toys at Red Ape

White walls and red chairs definitely contrast the colorful toys you will find on each of the desks of team Red Ape. The Australian-based design company provide clients with storyboards, posters, and book illustrations. Pencil, pen, a sketchpad and a mirror are some of their desk essentials for their daily deliverables. But one important element of the team is their being kid at heart.

One thing about Red Ape is that everyone here is a kid at heart. Everybody here loves toys. There’s an activity that we have that we do toy swap. At the end of the month each of us will bring a toy. So it’s like white elephant so if you’ll notice, there are some desk that has a lot of nice toys and there are desks with crappy looking toys (laughs)…it represents them. In general it represents how much we love toys and how playful we are, how we are kid-like. It represents who they are.

The cut-throat advertising and publishing industry can be very daunting. But instead of feeling bad when faced with challenging projects, the child-like outlook gave the team a different perspective in dealing with stress.

Being childlike, in a way we are, like what I noticed with the team, we are very forgiving during tough times. So even if we really have a really challenging project, instead of us really feeling bad for two hours, three hours they will just feel bad for just 30 mins and everybody is happy again.

Michelle Casal, Project Director at Red Ape

To learn more about Red Ape and their services, visit their website at http://redape.com.au/

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