Get to know Asia’s first funding program for Artificial Intelligence Startups

The newest funding and acceleration platform for AI and Machine Learning companies in Asia – is accepting applications throughout Asia. Signups deadline is on Sept 25, 2016. Don’t waste time. Go for it. 

The name “Zeroth” is based on the zero-based numbering method which is commonly used in computer programming. This accelerator is founded by Tak Lo, who was a director at Techstars (a pioneers of the startup accelerator movement) in London. Tak together with former managing directors of Techstars London, John Bradford and Jaan Tallinn are working together in supporting different AI Startups in Asia.

There’s a ton of vernacular about Skynet – which is bollocks. We can harness AI’s superpower by empowering founders with AI,” says Tak Lo.

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As AI advances and more open source tools become available, startups will come up with creative and unexpected solutions. Zeroth hopes to be play a part in helping them succeed.


Zeroth will offer mentorship and US$20,000 in capital to startups for 6 percent equity. The first program will be running from November 7, 2016 to February 17, 2017. If  you know you’ve got what it takes, go ahead and submit your applications at Good luck. 🙂