What You Missed at #SexySummerSesh

A SPACE Philippines celebrated their quarterly _ACOUSTIC night with Radio Republic featuring Quest, Clara Benin, and Jensen from Jensen and the Flips last April 29, 2016 at _GALLERY. Here's a quick recap of what happened last week at the _ACOUSTIC Night!...

Buidling A SPACE Cebu

A SPACE Cebu is coworking

I've wanted to open a coworking space in Cebu for ever it seems - weirdly, I became tuned into the potential of Cebu not through a business connection, but via a deep, Red Horse fueled conversation with bearded musician Franco, and the charm of Urbandub's Gabby (and then-manager,...

_STUDIO Fort, Fort Strip, BGC, Makati

Backstage at A SPACE

Since launching our first coworking space in Manila, late-2011, A SPACE has grown to become the leading cowork project in the Philippines. And until today it was still pretty hard to find any of our own photos on the website....


The Brave New World of A SPACE

Perhaps Zimmerman’s “the times they are a-changin’,” a cavalier lyric-turned-social-appraisal first uttered in ‘64, is one of pop culture’s most enduring nuggets of human critique. You can pin it on practically anything: fashions, music fads, politics. But also, and maybe most importantly, attitudes: how we...