Events at A SPACE, August Adventures

We have a lot of things coming up this month, for starters we have _TALKS with different community partners: Doodle Arts Enthusiasts, Business Professional Women, Creative Mornings Makati, Muni PH and MKS Room by Makesense, all tackling different topics and sharing interesting stories based on their experiences....

Start your day, Coffee

Start your day w/ Coffee

It's not just about the liquid though -We choose suppliers with a purpose, our selection is an exercise in democracy, and our creative minds have inspired other coworking spaces to follow - read on for our top coffee connections to coworking....


The Brave New World of A SPACE

Perhaps Zimmerman’s “the times they are a-changin’,” a cavalier lyric-turned-social-appraisal first uttered in ‘64, is one of pop culture’s most enduring nuggets of human critique. You can pin it on practically anything: fashions, music fads, politics. But also, and maybe most importantly, attitudes: how we...